Ringing in the New Year with a New Name & Better Features

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They Say “New Year, New You”… We Took it Literally

Hi! Welcome to the new and improved GameLingual, formerly Video Game Translations. In this article we’re going to let you know about how we have changed for the better, and what those changes mean for you and your future video game projects.

The New Name
We decided to change our name. Why? There are many reasons. “Video Game Translations” is a bit literal, don’t you think? Plus, it doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue. Plus, with a name like “Video Game Translations” setting up social media accounts (I’m looking at you, Twitter) was impossible.

Having different names across different platforms was confusing. Not having a .com domain meant that many of you couldn’t find us. It’s a knee jerk reaction to search for .com rather than .org, and we didn’t want developers to keep getting lost when trying to find our high quality services. Of course we are an organization, as our previous .org address suggested, but .com is more popular and is typically more credible. We are a credible organization, so it makes perfect sense to make the switch!

The GameLingual name was born out of the need to keep “Video Game Translations” as an obvious part of our purpose without bogging us down with unnecessary syllables. Game=self-explanatory. Lingual=relating to speech or language. Our mascot was created because we wanted a friendly face to represent us. We understand that choosing a language translation service to localize your game can be scary, so think of our mascot as our attempt at lightening the mood while you decide who to work with. (Hint: We hope you pick us!)

Shifted Focus
GameLingual (formerly Video Game Translations) launched last year. We learned a great deal about what indie developers want from their localization and translation providers, and we’d like to thank you for that.

Because of your feedback we have shifted our focus. We now are devoting more energy and resources to our professional services rather than offering a platform for community translations. Before you panic, the community translation approach is still there. The only difference is that it is now offered in the form of another professional service we call Community Translation Post-Editing. You can learn more about Community Translation Post-Editing here. The other premium quality, professional translation services we offer can be found here.

We do still offer free hosting for our community translation platform for anyone who requests it, so keep that in mind!

Backend Changes
We removed Discourse. This was done early, and prior to the official rebranding, but we would still like to mention it here. Originally, this feature was intended to offer a place for community translators and developers to share, but since it wasn’t necessary it was removed.

We also have updated Pootle, our Community Translation Platform. We went from v 2.5.1 to the latest 2.7.3b1 version! I’ll talk about all the exciting new features in a later blog, but in the meantime just know that we’re very excited about the new capabilities we have!

We also updated our Translators Application Form, so that we’re securing the best candidates for any and all of the projects we take part in.

The Future
Remember, we want to continue working closely with indie developers and get as many independent games translated as possible this year. I’m confident that 2016 is going to be a wonderful opportunity for many developers in the indie scene. We are thrilled to be right there with you to ensure you can bring your exciting new games to an eager, worldwide audience!

You will be seeing more from us this year than you have in the past, so reach out and connect. We will be contributing more to the community of indie game development with our updated Twitter, and you’ll be seeing more blog posts in the future about the world of video games and translation.

Happy New Year, from all of us at GameLingual!

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