Proofreading & Editing

Many bad game reviews can be attributed to poor writing skills. If your menu is labeled incorrectly, users will become frustrated. If your instructions are riddled with mistakes, players will abandon your game for ones which have clear guidelines. Don’t let your game get negative reviews, simply because no one polished your writing!

When you utilize our proofreading and editing services you can be sure your game will be grammatically correct. Our goal is for your game to be clear, accurate, and readable! We want players to experience your game the way you intended rather than get hung up on incorrect word usage or poor grammar.

In addition to proofing your work for errors, we can stylize the content to make your game better and more relatable. We want your content to not only fit the game, but to fit the characters and events. For example, a military man in a war game will speak differently than a teenage boy in a zombie game. Different characters within the same game will also have variance, so that their personalities and respective roles will be reflected.

Whether you are a native English speaker or not, you can benefit from our professional proofreading services. We can help you fix grammar and spelling errors, as well as monitor your consistency throughout the game. One of our focuses is also to help you cut down wordiness, so that players can spend as much time actually playing your game as possible.

If you decide to pursue releasing your game in another language market we will be happy to have our professional proofreading staff review your game content to make it easier for translators to work with, and to ensure accurate translations.