Community Translation Post-Editing

In the past it wasn’t possible for indie developers to localize their text-heavy games. Traditional translation agencies made the process difficult and impractical for indie developers, which meant that many game development teams missed out on huge portions of the global market.

We have made that a thing of the past! We designed Community Translation Post-Editing to solve those problems and make it possible for all indie games to be translated easily, even if they feature a lot of text. Development teams can now utilize their own network and community resources who already want your project to succeed. Now, using our platform, your enthusiastic supporters can help bring your project to life, and get rewards for doing so! They can assist you by translating your game before it is reviewed and edited by our experienced team of Professional Translators, resulting in a High Quality Translation at a lower cost.

Our Process:
The translation will be hosted on our Community Translation Server where anyone can join and begin translating games online. To make sure users don’t abuse the system to receive rewards from game developers, we have several safeguards in place. Users are unable to submit poor or machine translations; those are eliminated automatically by our Professional Translators. The users are rewarded when they translate a predetermined number of words, and those translations are approved by our experienced Professional Translation team.

What type of rewards are offered to community members to keep them engaged? That depends on you! To encourage the growth of the community we have built, and to add incentive for users to work on your game rather than some other which is available, we recommend giving rewards to the top contributors. Whether you’d like to gift them a Steam key for your game or another token of appreciation, this helps keep high-quality community members coming back to your projects.

Think this method is ineffective? You’d be wrong! This approach to localization was successfully implemented by the guys at inXile Entertainment. They were able to localize their game Wasteland 2, which had over 200k words! If they can do it, so can you!

Community Translation Post-Editing

How it works

  • 1 – Upload files to our Translation Server
  • 2 – Community submit translations
  • 3 – We review the submissions
  • 4 – Top contributors get rewarded
  • 5 – Post-Editing to improve the quality
  • 6 – In-game testing
  • 7 – Finish up